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XPAY, the utility payment service system of UAE Exchange, is much more user-friendly and advantageous than any other mode of payment in the market. XPAY is designed for the fast world to provide the fastest of service. The disheartening queues have already become an age-old ballad in the modern world and the common swiping machines are on their way towards the same. Now no queues, no cards...you don't have to get up even from your seat... just relax…...pick your shop and purchase the things you need ….. take your mobile…. select the merchant id, amount, MPIN and save. We help you to settle the payments at your finger-tips. Grow up with the world...grow up with the developments.. grow up with the age...the age of XPAY.
Advantages for the Customer
1. It is more secure than cash and debit cards since customer need not carry physical cash or debit cards.
2. Unique ID of the mobile and password is checked for each transaction and hence highly secure.
3. Sitting at home customers can make payments using internet and then instruct the merchant.
4. Customers can load Rs. 50000 from Xpress Money to these cards regularly or can reload through net bank/credit card.
5. Customer can refer another customer or Merchant and earn income.
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Advantages for the Merchant
1. Merchant will get more customers as we will broadcast merchants tied up with us to our customers.
2. Merchant can refer customers for using this payment system and earn good income.
3. Merchant can earn extra income for reloading a Gold Card.
4. Merchant need not work on swiping machine or manage cash at counters
5. Compared to swiping machine which charges Rs. 1800, we are charging only Rs. 250 as annual charges.

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